Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing - Cretan Zeus

Conscious Art & Fitness - One of the most joyful and playful ways, to body & soul fitness…

Belly dancing:

  • tones your muscles, in each and every part of the body
  • loosens up the pelvis and hips
  • strengthens the belly and stomach
  • revitalizes the inner organs
  • gives flexibility to the spine, arms and neck
  • balances the breathing functions
  • increases coordination and synchronization

Movements that seem complicated soon become easy and effortless.
Done in the proper way it settles the right flow of energy that cheers up your mood, harmonizing body, heart and mind. It makes you joyous, with an expanding and creative expression.

Open to Everyone

(From One and Half to 2 Hours)

Greek Dancing

Greek Dancing - Cretan Zeus

Dance is an expression of human feelings

Greece is one of the few countries in the world where folk dances are as alive today as they where in ancient times.

Greeks have an appreciation for beautiful things. They believe in enjoying life,and that music and dance are among the most beautiful parts of life, so it is playing an important role in to their everyday life.

“Dance is an expression of human feelings”

“Dance brings the people together”

“The dance of all the Arts is the one that most influences the Soul”

Each dance has its own characteristics and qualities.

Some of the offering dances are:

  • Syrtaki -Zorba Dance
  • Kalamatianos
  • Syrtos
  • Sousta